Silk Duvet Cover Set Galaxia Natur

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  • Silk Duvet Cover Set Galaxia Natur
  • Silk Duvet Cover Set Galaxia Natur
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2 Pillowcases 50X70+5CM
2 Pillowcases 65X65+5CM
2 Pillowcases 50X70CM
2 Pillowcases 65X65CM
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Superior Silk Duvet Cover set Galaxia natur - Classic en stijlvol

Material: 100% silk, Oeko-Tex 100 certified, Made in Germany
Weaving weight: 116g / m² (25momme)
Closure: with zipper

Silk bed linen feels very soft and comfortable and has excellent breathability. Silk is very suitable for people with skin irritation or excessive perspiration.
Seidenwever collection Germany is known for their fine and exclusive silk bedding and home accessories. You will experience a luxurious and royal sleep 

Finishing:  Basic
Closure: with zipper

Care instructions: Wash separately, if possible inside out, in gentle cycle, at 30 ° C with a silk detergent (Tenestar). Do not dry in the dryer!

Item number: DVCPSCGW
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